Believing is Seeing

            I wish I had seen it.

A commotion on the deck caused me to glance up from my laptop.  Water in the wading pool was rippling as a football bobbed in the water.  Then I noticed a wet tail going over the side of the deck as a soaked squirrel made its escape.  If animals have facial expressions, the confusion, surprise, and damp dismay would have been hilarious to see after the squirrel jumped on a floating football.

I wish I had seen it.

Jesus told the fishermen to try again even though they had fished all night.  At his command, they launched out and let down their nets.  They caught so many fish that their boat and another they called to help had a “deck load”.  The awe and wonder on the faces of the fisherman would have been exciting to see.

Jesus did it again for the disciples after his resurrection.  After a night of empty nets, Jesus appeared in the morning and told them to cast their nets on the right side.  Again, the catch was much more than anticipated.  This was the third time that Jesus appeared to his disciples after he rose from the dead.  I wish I had seen it.

Many people in the Scriptures had powerful experiences with the Lord and were told to share what they saw and heard.  Shepherds, disciples of John, the apostles, and many others followed that command.

The word of God will produce results for the believer.  When obeyed, God’s written commands will provide experiences that motivate sharing the good things Jesus does.

I suppose wishing to see Bible characters and their stories firsthand is a common desire.  “Common people in the hands of an uncommon God” is how Max Lucado describes them.  Souls forgiven, bodies healed, broken hearts mended, lives changed, all are possible through faith in Jesus.  These things we have seen happen.

The Bible says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He can take care of the problems of your past.  He can take care of you as a present tense God in the tense present we live in.  The faithful Father will lead you into the future, which includes forever.  The heavenly realm as described by John in his revelation of Jesus Christ is possible to see through obedience to God’s commands.  Then we won’t only be wishing to see it, but we will experience it for real and forever.

Keep following Jesus Christ and his commandments.  Believing is seeing.